Ok Drainheads...its time for a new DrainSTH contest. This is going to be the biggest contest yet!!! Here's what you have to do. We want to see you in action advertising DrainSTH's new cd "Freaks of Nature." Whether its at the mall, on the highway, outside your house, on your car...whatever, we want you to impress us! Send us pictures of what you are doing to promote the new cd! We will have more than one winner for this contest...as we stand right now, we'll probably have about 3-5 winners! Some of the prizes include advance copies of the Detroit Rock City Soundtrack, advance copies of "Freaks of Nature", Enter My Mind promo cd singles, Detroit Rock City t-shirts, DrainSTH posters and stickers, and we may even throw some tickets to a show!

The winner(s) of the contest will be posted on drainsth.org! You can email your submissions to insomniac@zoomnet.net as an attachment, or mail them to:
Drainheads contest
POB 124
Ironton, OH 45638 USA
Feel free to email me with any questions that you may have! Good luck!!!

Well, that didn't take long at all! I think this was the shortest contest we've ever had..I've got to start making these harder for you Drainheads...Thanks for all of the submissions! Alot of you got all of them...but the first one to get it to me was George Byam from Dracut, MA. Congratulations George! Your package will be in the mail this week! This package will include an advanced copy of "Freaks of Nature" a cd single of "Enter My Mind", a couple of DrainSTH stickers, a DrainSTH poster and more!!!


The hidden word in the puzzle was "CENTURYBOY" as in 20th Century Boy, which is the T-rex song that Drain cover's on the forthcoming "Detroit Rock City" soundtrack!

Thanks again to everyone that entered!!! We'll get another one up soon!

Congratulations go out to Joshua Jackson. He won the 2 tickets to the Neon Moon in Daytona Beach, FL. He was the first person to send the correct name to the image below, which was the "Endless Knot." In case you didn't know...this design was taken from a necklace of Martina's that a friend gave to her. This is a celtic symbol that means "eternity."