Drain is featured with a 2 page article in the October issue of "Metal Edge". Also, Drain is the Ultimate Band list "Band of the week" Check out UBL.com!

Bassist Anna K, takes readers track by track through the Drain's "Freaks Of Nature" CD. Songs featured: "Enter My Mind," "I Wish," "Crave," "Black," "Get Inside," and "I Will Follow."

Real Audio (http://realaudio.com) users will hear a special message from Anna K...Also see images from OzzFest 99... backstage, onstage, at dinner, no one was safe...

The June SMASH! online June 15...

Drain was part of a Yahoo! chat on May 24th. You can go to chats.yahoo.com and check out the transcript. It went ok, but there was alot of people in the chat room acting stupid...oh well, you win some and you lose some. ;c)

Drain will be on the soundtrack for the forthcoming movie "Detroit Rock City". They're doing a remake of "20th Century Boy" by T-Rex. The movie is about 4 kids trying to get into a sold out KISS show. It will be released this Fall...

Freaks of Nature will be released in the states on June 29th!!! We found out at the Fanclub members chat last night that Maria/Toni Iommi rumor is true! They are getting married!

The first single off of "Freaks of Nature" will be "Enter My Mind". It was released to a few radio stations this week (one of them being Rebel Radio in Chicago, IL) I'll get a song clip up within the week..It won't be long before we're all jamming to the new album!!!

Drain will be doing some shows in between the Ozzfest dates with Godsmack and Apartment 26. Godsmack headlines, DrainSTH supports, and Apt 26 kicks the show off. Drain will play a :40 minute set.I'll get some dates posted for these shows sometime next week.

Drain is now back in NY. They are putting the final touches on the album and have began rehearsing for Ozzfest. Right now, we are looking at a mid-late June release..but nothing is final.

Drain sth will be on the Ozzfest 99 tour..."The Last Supper" Tour Dates and venues have been posted in the "tour" section...

Judas Priest has been replaced by Fear Factory on the headlining slot of the 2nd stage!!!

Drain sth will be releasing their follow up to 1997's "Horror Wrestling" in June. The first single from the new album is expected to be released in May. The title for the new album is Freaks of Nature!!! Check out the fReAks page for info on the new album!!!!

DrainSTH has a new logo!!! Check out the fReAks page!

Anna has gotten rid of her eyebrow ring!!!

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