"Drainheads" is the name of the new official DrainSTH fanclub. For the fans, by the fans. Read below for information on how to join the Drainheads fanclub, or join the Drainheads mailing list. Send an email to drainheads@aol.com and just say "add me baby!"

Drainheads Fanclub

As a Drainhead member you will receive


Your membership package will include a welcome letter from the band, a personalized membership card
and ID number, an 8x10 picture of the band, 2 Drain STH Drainheads official member bumper stickers, and an
autographed bio of each member of the band.

Newsletter Via Internet

DrainWatch, the Drain STH fans newsletter is all-access Drain STH. It keeps you up-to-date on DrainSTH
whereabouts and also gives you concert information and exclusive Drain STH-interviews and photos.

Special Contests

Win exclusive autographed Drain STH merchandise and other rarities!
And a chance to win after show passes.

Drainheads in ACTION

Join and move up the ranks of the Drain STH Fan club!
Earn Free Tix and other honors by enlisting all your friends!


with other DrainFans and get the inside info on surprise chat appearances by
Anna, Flavia, Martina and Maria

Drainheads STORE

Exclusive merchandise!
You'll have access to merchandise at Discounted prices.


All the latest about Drain STH!


to other awesome Drain STH sites. Explore Drain STH on the web!

And much more…

Drain STH membership fee $17.00 ($22.00 Canada, Mexico, Australia and Europe)
The membership fee includes shipping and handling charges. Make certified check or money order payable to:

P.O. Box 124
Ironton, Ohio 45638
Email: drainheads@aol.com
www . drainsth . com

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