Drain is no longer working with Blue Grape Merchandising. All of DrainSTH's t-shirts, stickers, hats, etc will be sold through the fanclub...**We will have a new baby doll T as well as a cd case to sell in a week or so...check back!
SHIRT #1 (Endless knot shirt)

No Longer Available

SHIRT #2 (Black logo shirt)

No Longer Available

SHIRT #3 (Freaks shirt) - $18.00 (US) $22.00 (International)

DrainSTH HAT (Drain Rules!) - $18.00 (US) $22.00 (International)

Freaks of Nature cd - $15.00 (US) $18.00 (International)

. If you would like to order one, send a check or money order in the correct amount to:

Drainheads Merch
POB 124 // Ironton, OH 45638

If you have any questions, email drainheads@aol.com

FANCLUB MEMBERS - Subtract 2$ from every item that you order!M

We are currently working on the new Drainheads website!!! Check back soon!

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