Over the past two years I've worked with alot of great people that have helped me, this website, and the fanclub out tremendously. I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support in me and of DrainSTH. The girls thank all of you as well..

Flavia, Maria, Martina, and Anna
Mike "Neg" Gargano
Kelli Roth
A. Ruben Cano
Robert Richards
Jim Myers
Richard Morava/MoravaMedia
Jeff Eyrich/GreenTeam
Rob McDermont/AGM Worldwide Inc.
Rohit Kohil/AGM Worldwide Inc.
Tim Dralle/Interscope
Joe Prostredny
Dale Baker/EMI
Cory Llewellyn/UMUSIC.com
Jeremy Tarpley
Jason Boan/Distraught
Beth Kovalaske
Justin Parr
Kevin "Roaddawg" Baker
Scott Hixon
X106.3 WAMX
Jon (Bandbitch) @ streetteam.net
Dave Jamison
Mike Kavka
Luigina Crivello
Jessica Rupinski
Chris & Jennie Davis
Kim Estep
Alicia Clark
The Stephanie's
Eric "Beerwolf" Brown
Joe Gehrling
Scot O'Conner
and last but not least...to all the Drainheads!!!

// B A C K //